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ENDS 2/5 Sweetheart Valentines -FINISHED TEE-BELLA PINK *SHIPS 3-5 business days

ENDS 2/5 Sweetheart Valentines -FINISHED TEE-BELLA PINK *SHIPS 3-5 business days

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If you intend to fulfill orders using drop shipping, you must always:

1. Change your address to reflect your customers address. We can't change, cancel, or exchange any order if you do not do this.

2. Please note this is TULTEX brand (202 style number unisex fit)

3. For each order you must check out with a different shipping address unless you want them to be shipped all to one person

4. Your customers label will read 227 E Virginia Ave, Springfield, KY 40069

5. You can opt to have us press shirts for you to ship to your customers (example you sell 10 shirts, check out one time and they all ship to you and you send to your customers) or we can directly ship to your customers.


7. We will provide a size chart that you can send to your customers. Please note we are not responsible for garments not fitting your customers and will not accept returns due to this issue.

8. Returns & Exchanges are not permitted unless there is a flaw with the garment itself. We will not refund if your customer is not happy with the fit/color etc. We will be descriptive as possible and you are welcome to email us at bkdesignsandblanks@gmail.com or chat with us here on the website if you have questions.

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